Anjana Rai, a visual artist born in India and based in Sydney, is a dedicated creator whose deep appreciation for the natural world shines through every stroke of her canvas. Opting for the palette knife over the traditional paintbrush, she applies thick layers of oil paint in an impasto technique, crafting impressionistic portrayals of flowers, landscapes, and seascapes. While she typically begins with a basic concept, her artworks primarily serve as a synthesis of external landscapes and her internal responses.

Departing from the convention of intricate detail, Rai embraces a fluid, uninhibited style that grants her the freedom to experiment with colour, texture, curves, angles, and edges. Envisioning her pieces in three-dimensional space, she leverages this perspective along with her innovative artistic vision to create works that celebrate nature's splendour, interpreted through her unique cultural and creative lens.

Since 2019, Rai's artworks have been featured in numerous art shows, galleries, and group exhibitions across Australia. Initially showcasing her work in Pune, India, and inner-city Sydney suburbs, she has expanded her reach to encompass wider audiences in Australia and worldwide since 2021.